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The A Thousand Guitars Team
Andrei van WykAndrei van Wyk

Andrei's a sucker for a lead singer with the voice of a dying succubus, novels by dead Japanese authors and anything you can fit a jazz piano solo into, including your sister, your mom and that long-lost cousin you made out with that one time.

With experience in journalism, web management and copywriting, he has found himself doing everything, from writing on current affairs and music to creating "censored" bars for porn mags. Either way, he's okay!

Anna van DykAnna van Dyk

Anna is an endearingly awkward aspiring screenwriter at UCT who never really got accepted in to the Cape Town hipster scene. She has a self-recognised obsession with music and on most days you can find her tucked away in a corner of the Mother City enjoying the incredible local talent, often accompanied by a bottle (or three) of vino.

She has an appreciation for anything from indie folk to good, old fashioned disco tunes; and is devoted to discovering the next big artists out there. Whilst writing movies is her game, music is her first love; and this Durban born girl would love to share some her favourite songs with you.

Brett AgerBrett Ager

Brett's childhood consisted of Blink 182 and Bob Seger, while learning how to run a business from his dad, and dreaming of being either a lawyer or a doctor (but he currently studies Marketing).

He firmly believes that there's no greater addiction than the beautiful eyes of a pretty girl, but lyrics, cigarettes & brandy make a good substitution.

"A morning of awkwardness is better than a night of loneliness." - Henry James Moody

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Chelsea LambertChelsea Lambert

Chelsea is pretty much a geek for fiction, especially Harry Potter! She spends way too much free time writing poetry, articles and singing along to the radio. She likes to differ her music tastes. Although, she's uncontrollably, undoubtedly in love with rock. Anything that has an amazing guitar solo, a lead singer with vocals of an angel and flawless, heartfelt lyrics will do it!

Chris WoodChris Wood

Woody is Jozi’s favourite designated driver, especially when coaxed with chocolate. Hailing from Cape Town, this unashamed nerd has been fortunate enough to witness a Coachella festival as well as some of the top acts in the world while living in London. Likened to a magician for his ability to go AWOL at events, he makes no apologies for what he does and doesn’t like.

One axiom underlies his attitude to music: it is subjective, anything else is just hearsay – this is a certainty that will remain true until the end of time. This doesn’t mean that he wants to hear the latest teeny bobbing tune but he’s pretty much game for anything else. Get over the fact that he doesn’t listen to the radio unless there is test match cricket on and you’ll get along just fine.

Danielle BowlerDanielle Bowler

Danielle is a musician and Politics Masters student, with self-professed hipster tendencies, and a killer hip hop vocabulary - cultivated by spending too much time listening to rap music. She adores Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Kanye, but also flirts with Lianne La Havas, Joan Baez, Banks and Frank Ocean to maintain musical credibility. She lives by the wise words of Gloria Estefan: 'the rhythm is gonna get you', and spends all her time trawling Youtube and music blogs to feed her music addiction.

Elna SchutzElna Schutz

Elna spends too much time sitting under trees and likes that her local coffee guy knows her order. She is currently studying journalism and generally trying to be clever at Rhodes somewhere down there in the Eastern Cape.

Her first musical love is beautiful indie folk that breaks and mends your heart. She once danced ridiculously to a Croatian ska band somewhere and has sought out strange but happy music ever since.

Her political conviction is that most problems could be solved over a good cappuccino and chocolate cake.

Floris GroenewaldFloris Groenewald

Floris Groenewald is a video editor by day, and a writer, photographer, and folk-rock singer-songwriter the rest of the time. In his free time, he likes watching movies, listening to music, and complaining about life. He likes all kinds of music, but The Eels most of all.

Grayson HaleGrayson Hale

Grayson studied at Rhodes University for three years and is now pursuing every music journalist’s dream of working shitty part-time jobs and writing as often as he can afterwards.

He's in love with all things heavy, dark and twisted, but also quiet, restrained and beautiful. From Swans to Sigur Rós, Burzum to Boards of Canada, and everything in between.

He's always open to suggestions of good horror films and has a fascination with the world of dreams.

Jasmine SchneiderJasmine Schneider

There are three things about Jasmine that make her the girl she loves to be. Many big dreams in mind, good music in her ears, and an expensive taste in fashion.

Her biggest dream is to travel the world for a whole year finding festivals and concerts she loves, before settling down in the USA and opening a music store.

Jay ClarkJay Clark

Jay writes, resides in, and absorbs pop culture akin to it being a real job. A connoisseur of comics, good taste and The Goonies, JJ’s a musical zealot but don’t ask him to explain his penchant for obscure musical choices, because he will annoy you into getting it. He believes all movies should have a buddy cop dynamic to them, even sad dramatic ones.

His inherent love of sloppy gastronomy make childhood pictures “awkward” to look at, and his 6 year world tour of cultural discovery helped him realise there is no place like home, so he moved somewhere else. Cape Town has him now, much to his mother's despair. Remind him to call his Mother.

Marianne BurgerMarianne Burger

Marianne Burger and Music have been in a relationship for 34 years. It’s been 34 interesting years - sometimes tumultuous, mostly highly rewarding. Marianne long ago decided to overlook Music’s lesser qualities (pop, electronic, death metal) and prefers to focus on its glowing attributes: Punk, folk, alternative, blues, jazz, hard rock - yes even emo.

Marianne spends her days writing copy for advertisements, but she’s always dreaming of Music. It’s a love affair that will stand the test of time.

Mike MehalickMike Mehalick

Mike is a graduate of the School Of Visual Arts with a BFA in Film & Video focused on screenwriting. His career stops have included editing positions at AOL, The Huffington Post, and BuzzFeed. He regularly contributes to a variety of outlets, and is now a member of the Effective Immediately PR team.

Monica DaviesMonica Davies

Four years ago, Monica needed a new hobby, so she started this blog. Right now, she can't believe people are still reading it. If you are, she loves you for it.

She believes John Lennon's Imagine is a blueprint for a perfect world and that a house should never not have wine in it. She is currently failing at going vegan.

Peter FerreiraPeter Ferreira

Pete has a beard and an opinion. He still believes that rock and roll will save us all and some say that if he put his mind to it, he could win a Dave Grohl lookalike contest. If you met him, you’d probably like him.

Shannon LawlorShannon Lawlor

Shannon Lawlor breathes passion. He has an ever burning craving for music and literature which he embraces on a daily basis, whether it's playing in his band Eyes Like Mirrors or drinking coffee and writing poetry.

Tamara ArdenTamara Arden

With a background in Fine Art, Branding and Journalism, Tamara Arden’s purpose is finding mediums that she can feed off creatively. A reformed party girl who opts for a night in with an album instead of out on the town; she is stimulated by artists with unique sound and sentiment. A lifestyle junkie with a mass of words to accompany it.

Tina RoumeliotisTina Roumeliotis

Tina is a self-proclaimed synth junkie and she lives to spread the word about new up-and-coming talent. As a creative enthusiast, she loves to incorporate her two passions of music and writing.

Other than A Thousand Guitars, she writes for BUZZNET and her personal blog, in which she hopes to share her journey and inspire others one blog at a time.