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Thank you for wanting to contact us at A Thousand Guitars. Please take note of the points below:

If you love our awesome graphic designs and want to hire our designer, we’ll gladly link you up. Send a mail to and we’ll put you in touch.If you would like to submit your band/new album/new video for review, that’s totally awesome – please send your info with MP3s/streaming links to If you send new music to Monica, it will not get listened to.

This bit is really important >>

WE LISTEN TO EVERYTHING WE GET SENT. Even the impersonal, borderline-spam mailing list stuff. WE WILL LISTEN TO YOUR MUSIC, I SWEAR TO GOD. However (and I’m very thankful for this), there are sometimes too many e-mails to reply to personally. So we will listen. If we like it, we’ll feature it as soon as we can – probably around the time of your release date if you’ve given us that info). If we don’t like it, we won’t feature it. Harsh, but true. Thanks for understanding.

For general editorial queries, to set up a giveaway, write for us, take out an ad, or just have a chat about how awesome rock and roll is, send a mail to Replies are not always swift, but they will come. Monica, however, doesn’t take band submissions anymore due to the amount of awesome music you guys keep sending in.