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There ain’t no party like a Cape Town street party with The Subways

November 27, 2013

I found myself one indescribably hot Sunday with a tremendous hang over at the Kirstenbosch craft market. Even as the waves of nausea rushed over me, I did not regret anything from the night before. Those of you who do not appreciate the gravity of this statement have probably never drunk tequila on the rocks and lived to tell the tale. For that fragility to be worth it, the jol had to be really spectacular. And spectacular it was.

The Harrington Street party this past Saturday was the wildest fun. Hundreds of cool kids and die-hard rock fans flocked to the street for great music, an amazing atmosphere and, especially, lots of tequila.

I have to hand it to the team behind the event — they did it so very well. The main stage had ample space, there were rad food trucks for the inevitable midnight drunk munchies, and the outdoor DJ booth was delivering some very sweet grooves. Arriving to the party was electric: people were on top form, the drinks, readily available at the multiple bars, were flowing and aKing were rocking the crowd in a raw rock ‘n roll set complete with crazy lighting and smoke machines.

The vibe at Assembly was epic, people were loving life in the road, and for a second I didn’t feel as though I was in Cape Town at all but some really cool, shiny advert for Jose Cuervo. Not a bad place to find oneself on a Saturday night.

The best part about street parties is that the vibe can never get boring. If you want to chill with a beer and discuss Syria with a friend, there is totally the space for that. But, equally, if you want to boogie your tush off to some filthy hip hop, or get weird in a crowd to a racy rock band, you can, too. After aKing’s set, we found ourselves racing like kids between Assembly’s packed dance floor and the great DJ sets on the street, where some of Cape Town’s finest music wizards kept people on their feet all night long.

The stars of the evening did not fail to disappoint. After a strategic burrito, I was all set in the front row for The Subways and OH MY STARS, they are so damn good. The UK band came out on to stage with guns blazing and guitars screeching, and I head banged so hard people probably thought I was having a seizure. Front men Billy and Charlotte were bringing the heat and I loved every second of it. I even managed to sweet talk a security guard and got my camera man for the evening (shout out to Christopher for the exceptional company and great photos. Somehow drinking tequila alone is still not socially acceptable) back stage and we all felt like rock stars ourselves. Fun Lovin’ Criminals’s set in Assembly was equally funky. The ‘90s legends delivered some fresh tunes, which only rolled on to even cooler DJs who followed the American’s. The dancing that went down was deadly.

All in all, the evening was too rad. Apart from the abundant tequilas I insisted on taking for “journalistic research reasons”, I can’t complain about anything. Why doesn’t Cape Town do street parties more often, man? Dancing in the city is so much cooler than in smoky clubs. We should kick it to the streets every Saturday, if you ask me. As long as there are groovy tunes being delivered, I’ll be there.

But perhaps next time with I will opt for much less tequila. Much, much less.

Anna van Dyk

Anna van Dyk

Anna is an endearingly awkward aspiring screenwriter at UCT who never really got accepted in to the Cape Town hipster scene. She has a self-recognised obsession with music and on most days you can find her tucked away in a corner of the Mother City enjoying the incredible local talent, often accompanied by a bottle (or three) of vino.

She has an appreciation for anything from indie folk to good, old fashioned disco tunes; and is devoted to discovering the next big artists out there. Whilst writing movies is her game, music is her first love; and this Durban born girl would love to share some her favourite songs with you.

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