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The indie-pop band that Durban should be so proud of

November 26, 2013

Durban based band, Asleep In Transit has released their EP Kaleidoscope, and it is pretty great.


As a Durban gal myself, I feel a strange kind of connection to their music. Their sound reminds me so much of the little seaside city where I grew up: the humid summer days, the mornings on North Beach with the regular hobos hanging about the Wimpy, silly nights spent roaming around a humming Florida Road. Each song, in some way or another, brought back fond memories of my 18 years spent there, and it made this album instantly special to me.

Asleep in Transit border on punk rock and pop, blending the raw chords of rock and up-tempo melodies and pretty harmonies of pop together perfectly. The track “Plans” illustrates this fully — its up-tempo enough to smile to, but sombre enough for easy listening. This band has got their sound down solidly. “Giant Holes”, my personal fave, is so full of emotion and beauty that it is impossible not to get lost in happier days when listening to it. They describe their sets as, “dialogues between a boy and a girl”, which is quite cute, I think. In every song, the two lead singers speak harmoniously to each other, and the final product is pretty special due to this honesty.

Since their formation, this band has wasted no time in establishing themselves as one of city’s favourite performers. They have shared the stage with the likes of Daniel Bedingfield, Zebra and Giraffe, and Johnny Clegg, just to name drop a few stellar acts. In 2011, they won the Knysna Rocks ‘Head2Head’ band competition over 70 other competitors, and their self-titled first EP went on to be hugely successful. Their second release is expected to do no less.

The band is made up of members Allister Christie, Irina Buzdugan, Joshua Woolf, Vlad Buzdugan and Chris McNabb, who credit their inspiration to the “beauty of ordinary moments”. Perhaps this is why I find so many of my Durban memories in each song, as each one has been crafted around those ordinary days where visible magic is all too easily lost.

Man, I’m so proud of this indie-pop band, representing Durban. Who said us kids by the sea didn’t have any talent? One listen to this EP, and you’ll be proved wrong. These guys deserve to make it big on the national scene; not just to prove that Durban has still got it, but because, plain and simple, this band is good, china.

I’m booking a ticket back to Durbs, pronto.

Download Kaleidoscope for free.

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Anna van Dyk

Anna van Dyk

Anna is an endearingly awkward aspiring screenwriter at UCT who never really got accepted in to the Cape Town hipster scene. She has a self-recognised obsession with music and on most days you can find her tucked away in a corner of the Mother City enjoying the incredible local talent, often accompanied by a bottle (or three) of vino.

She has an appreciation for anything from indie folk to good, old fashioned disco tunes; and is devoted to discovering the next big artists out there. Whilst writing movies is her game, music is her first love; and this Durban born girl would love to share some her favourite songs with you.

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