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New rock music that will burn down Brooklyn

September 12, 2013


Brooklyn is on fire! Well, not literally. As a Brooklynite myself, I have seen more bands come out of my borough than Lady Gaga has strange outfits.  Bands pop out of nowhere, playing little dive bars that used to be Chinese restaurants while more of them mark their territory with an amp and a dream. Brooklyn band, Motive, is one of my newest discoveries, and they are super addicting!

With a tasty hint of Nirvana and The Strokes, Motive is one of the many bands that have taken shelter in New York’s trendiest of boroughs after leaving grunge’s home of Seattle, and it shows. Their sound mixes classic grunge with a Brooklyn indie vibe that will have you on your feet either to dance or thrash around…if that’s your thing.

Their videos for “What’s So Bad” and “It’s Illicit” caught the attention of MTV and have even premiered on the network’s 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield. Hold up…those two things are back on the air?! We have hope, everyone! If that wasn’t cool enough, the videos quickly skyrocketed to #2 and #12 on’s Most Popular video chart! Get ‘em, boys!

After learning that the band has shared the stage with Walk The Moon and The Vaccines, I just knew it was a match made in Brooklyn. As most music fans know, you can pretty much trust in the opinions of your other favorite bands. Trust in mine and check out Motive. Brooklyn never sounded so good.

Motive – Burn Down Brooklyn

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Tina Roumeliotis

Tina Roumeliotis

Tina is a self-proclaimed synth junkie and she lives to spread the word about new up-and-coming talent. As a creative enthusiast, she loves to incorporate her two passions of music and writing.

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