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Now Streaming: Shake The Baron – Ghost Hits

August 21, 2013


“Combining the driving riffage of post-millennial Sonic Youth and the jangling simplicity of Pavement’s Brighten the Corners with a brash barroom rambunctiousness, Shake the Baron’s take on guitar rock feels both fresh and familiar. Andrew Oedel’s lyrics lightheartedly spin narrative from his struggles with romance and adulthood, conveyed with a pure yet colorful delivery akin to Ezra Koenig or Ben Bridwell. Shake the Baron‘s rhythmic acrobatics trick its listeners into dancing– a side effect unique to the feel-good energy of its creators. Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, the band is continuing to write and record new music.”

That, in case you weren’t counting, was a namedrop of four of the biggest little bands I know of . Hold on to your waistcoat, we’re in hipster territory here, m’dear.

Brooklyn’s Shake The Baron might portray something of a hipster stereotype in admiring artists your friends would never know, but luckily their music avoids any stereotypes that come with their new hometown. That bio is right in saying that their music is both fresh and familiar – I guess because of all those aforementioned influences, it feels like something we know already, but their new album, Ghost Hits avoids a drenching in the standard indie-rock tools and ends up being something entirely STB’s own.

Your family might not know their influences, but they definitely won’t mind listening to Shake The Baron on a sunny weekend afternoon.

Stream the whole album below:

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Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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