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The Mid-Year Band Round-Up 2013

June 21, 2013
© Shortstraw

© Shortstraw

There’s a little bit of a conundrum I’ve come upon with this blog – we come across a lot of new music. And I’ve realised that when we throw at least three new bands at you every week, it becomes a lot to take in and you might not necessarily have time to choose your favourite favourites.

So I went back through all our lists and I’ve put together my favourite new music from the year so far.

I obviously like all the music we feature, these are just the ones that really stand the test of time in the world of playlist warfare. (There are a lot of them. We’ll still refine the whole year into our ‘Best Of’ list in December.)

Enjoy, and make sure to go and Facebook stalk all these lovely artists if you think they’re as great as we do.

In no particular order, let’s take a look at 2013 so far:

Phew. What a catch up. It’s been a massively great year for indie music so far. Here’s to the second half of 2013 matching that!

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

Four years ago, Monica needed a new hobby, so she started this blog. Right now, she can't believe people are still reading it. If you are, she loves you for it.

She believes John Lennon's Imagine is a blueprint for a perfect world and that a house should never not have wine in it. She is currently failing at going vegan.

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