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Desert Noises: old school California rock for the new age

June 11, 2013


I did a fair bit of double checking when I found this picture of Desert Noises. After listening to their latest EP, I Won’t See You for quite a while, I had them pegged as a throwback to the hazy ’70s rock of southern California. I expected at least one of them to look like a young Jackson Browne. I did not expect these nice-looking hipsters from Utah. Tricksy hipsters.

Desert Noises is Kyle Henderson, Tyler Osmond, Patrick Boyer, and Brennan Allen.

Desert Noises make music for shouting into canyons, jumping into rivers, and getting married to the wide-open road. With a strong maturity in their songwriting, they conjure the majesty of the American pastoral landscape.

Such is the immediate iconicness (that can be a word if I want it to be, mmmkay) of their music that I found “Wings Of White”, with its vocals ripe with plaintive longing, felt like it was calling up memories I didn’t even know I had. Or a longing that wasn’t mine but that I could feel completely. It’s a tune that feels like it comes from another era, but fits right into yours.

Desert Noises – Wings Of White (live)

“Birds” has a more modern feel to it and a softer, hipster start that hides a thoroughly good guitar shredding in the second half of the track.

Desert Noises is that kind of symphonic hippie rock that tells you that even when life, and music don’t have all the answers, the wide open spaces of the world just might. And the music will be right there with you, all the way.

Who’d’ve expected that from a bunch of young’uns from Utah? Good job, Desert Noises!

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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