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April 12, 2013


It’s fitting that I started writing this review on a lazy Sunday afternoon that was welcoming in just a tinge of fresh autumn air, because that’s just what Look Out Kid’s recent EP would be if it could be bottled in a feeling – that stretch you do when you’re waking up from an impromptu but incredibly satisfying Sunday afternoon nap.

Look Out Kid are a folk group of our very own, hailing from Jozi. Instead of the wandering muso persona, they explore more of the organic, multi-influenced side of folk music. Their latest EP, Collide, is at times tentative and pensive – you can imagine it on stage with Shotgun Tori‘s beautiful music here – but dabbles in the blues-tinged, sexier, more playful side of folk artistry too, like on “Stepping Out Of The Rain”:

The band will tell you they wanted to make organic, real music, and on this record, they’ve done very well. The title track feels like a face-to-face confession, it’s so earnest and angelically sung, and “Fish To Find”, while acoustic, still manages to be cocksure and flirty.

Look Out Kid’s guitarist is about to fly the coop for the Big Apple (I’m jealous, dude), so I’m not certain what the future of the group is, but I definitely hope it remains as bright and creative as their music is right now.

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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