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March 8, 2013


I had never seen what Cub Scouts, the young five-piece from Brisbane looked like before I started writing this article, and I was rather surprised to see how young the band members look. (They could all be in their thirties for how good I am at guessing ages, but they look younger than me.) The surprise comes because the indie-electro pop music that they make seems a lot more thoughtful and contemplative than I’d expect from a bunch of fledglings.

Despite it being in the modern indie realm of sound, Cub Scouts’ debut EP is almost a throwback to the moody indie kids of the ’70s, if there were in fact indie kids around then.

The deeply layered and catchy indie rock sounds create a canvas for Tim Nelson’s introspective and breathy vocals to adorn, making the Told You So EP the summer soundtrack for 2012.

I like that word “adorn” because there’s nothing about Told You So that feels invasive. Instead of hijacking your brain, the title track knocks on your door and invites you out. And I end up going every time.

Cub Scouts – Told You So

They might be non-invasive, but they’re still witty with their lyrics – another favourite moment on the EP comes on “Scream”, a quietly fierce track with the bridge lyrics, “please don’t smile, it makes me sick to watch you part those wicked lips”. The imagery is quite fantastic.

But I’m digging the Told You So EP mainly because it’s the good kind of electro music – it lets me explore new sonic avenues without the repetitive untz-untz I immediately think of when someone says ‘electro’, and I can’t help thinking of driving around on a sunny day with the top down when I listen to it — it’s indie electro music with the soul the latter always lacks and without the pretension that the former has too much of. A winning recipe!

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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