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Hey Geronimo: California pop meets Aussie indie rock

March 5, 2013


Brisbane’s Hey Geronimo are, in a sentence, the younger, poppier brother of The Griswolds. (There is actually some link between the bands, perhaps that they’re just friends.) Their debut EP, Dreamboat Jack, sounds like a Vampire Weekend jam session, where anything would go, and you can throw every hook you can think of into the ring.

Hey Geronimo are a Frankenstein make up of Brisbane indie-pop bands, Blame Ringo, The Boat People and Montpelier, and they’re bringing their kooky, upbeat brand of party music to the people.

They’re so similar to the effervescent sound of The Griswolds at some moments that it’ll take you a couple of listens to get to know each band enough to tell them apart. And that ain’t a bad thing, because whether they found the right mix of bright hipster pop music together, or arrived at similar points individually, it produces really good music!

If you like The Griswolds, you’ll dig this, Hey Geronimo’s current single:

Hey Geronimo – Why Don’t We Do Something?

But, let’s not insinuate that they’re a carbon copy of another act – “Dreamboat Jack” throws back to an older influence and sounds more like the Beach Boys with electric backing, while “Co-op Bookshop” has the laid-back, atmospheric beat that brought the late Beatles sound to mind.

So there’s a world of influences to be found in just five songs from this young band — can you imagine what they’ll accomplish when they finish recording their debut full-length this year?

If you’re looking for something to soundtrack autumn, or spring, or whatever season you’re going into now, or just life, this is where you start:

Monica Davies

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