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The Chili Peppers, a Beastie Boy, and that other band walk into a stadium…

February 5, 2013


As we were watching the Red Hot Chilli Peppers in Joburg on Saturday night, I was absent-mindedly taking mental notes about how I would report back on their first show on African soil.

All that went out the window when the concert ended.

Because, and I’ll pretend to be calm when I ask this… WHERE THE FUCK WAS SCAR TISSUE?

How do you come and play your first gig in a country with a massive catalogue of hits under your belt and not play one of the biggest ones?

*Insert angry, grumpy kid pout here*

So whatevs, I don’t really care about reporting the rest of the concert now. The band sounded excellent, I knew more of their songs than I expected and, for the first time, I finally understood why Flea and Chad Smith are lauded as being such great musicians. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much presence, control and input coming from a bassist and drummer. I obviously never saw John Frusciante play with the band, but Josh Klinghoffer makes you go “John who?” because he tore into his guitar playing so fiercely and passionately that it looked like he was trying to take his instrument apart splinter by splinter at some points.

But still, there was no “Scar Tissue”.


And, on top of that, we had to sit through Die Antwoord first, who, I am now convinced, are the most ridiculous, atrocious joke of a musical act and they’ll receive no mention on this blog from here on out.

Did I mention that my lasting impression of this concert is a bitter, grumpy one because I was rocking the fiercest hangover of the year? Oh no? Well that probably should have been said before I reeled off my opinions. Oh well – wouldn’t have made them play “Scar Tissue” anyway.

Before the sound quality debate arises again, I’ll say the golden circle sound was excellent, but everything outside the stadium was complete pandemonium – turnstiles not working, being herded like cattle through many a gate leading nowhere – I understand you need crowd control measures, but it felt a bit crazy. We’ve just got to accept that South Africa’s still dismally ill-equipped to deal with concerts of this size. But hey, if you’d like to watch Adam Lambert, you can go to the Coca-Cola Dome and have an easy night, if you’d like to watch the Chili Peppers, quit your whining and get there earlier next time, mmmkay.

So another big gig come and gone. Meh. Sorry, Peppers, you sounded great but you didn’t explode like 1997 me would have liked you to.

This made me feel better though:

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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  • Mark

    Go watch some live stuff from when John was in the band….

    • monxdavies

      Ha! Awesome, thanks, I will.