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Say Yes to Low Cut Connie’s Rock & Roll

February 15, 2013


I came upon the fantasticness of Low Cut Connie because their recent single, “Boozophilia” was in Rolling Stone’s Best Singles of 2012 list. And I always think “I obviously don’t need to feature a band that’s been in Rolling Stone – that’s really taking my delusions of influential grandeur to extremes.” But the writeup sounded too intriguing. And it turns out that Low Cut Connie’s still a relatively new band and very, very deserving of some blog space.

What Rolling Stone had said was:

Old-fashioned, piano-slapping rock & roll with a drunk-ass punk-rock spirit – like Jerry Lee Lewis if he’d had his first religious experience at a Replacements show. You can practically smell the Yuengling coming off this skunky, slippery ode to lowbrow kicks from Philly to the South Side of Chicago.

They were talking about this song, which is not nearly my favourite from LCC, but listen up anyway:

Low Cut Connie – Boozophilia

While one might define rock and roll, (the truer kind than is often on the radio today) by its incredibly heavy guitar presence, Low Cut Connie is a throwback to the predecessors of that guitar-laden cock rock. Their music is the good times-soaked smile that rock and roll music had the first time society met it.

And for all their jaunt  — we’ll pretend that’s a word, although perhaps joie de vivre is a better term  to use — this band has only just released their second album. And also, they’re young. Well, not young, but not old dudes hankering back to the days when music was pure, yo.

Call Me Sylvia, the abovementioned second album was released in September last year and has picked up a really long list of kudos recently, for good reason.

From “Brand New Cadillac” to “Say Yes” and “Don’t Cry Baby Blue”, the album jumps from piano hooks banged out with seeming abandon to luscious and fun dance songs. Adam Weiner, Dan Finnemore, Ian Vos have made an album that’s almost impossible to turn off. Call Me Sylvia is an album that makes you want to come to Low Cut Connie’s party.

Here’s a live version of the one that is my favourite track off the new record, btw:

If these East Coast dudes (Philadelphia and NYC) are giving a performance on the stage of life, they’re currently a little bit drunk, sweaty and dancing a little bit crazy. You’d be a fool if you didn’t stay to watch.


Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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  • Patricia Sabatini

    We love you Low Cut Connie, they must come to Canada

    • monxdavies

      really dig these dudes, I hope you they get to you!