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Moving House: SA’s newest collaborative project brings back everything good about the ’80s

February 6, 2013

523561_467391209958167_440736983_nI’m not sure whether to say that ’80s inspired-synth tracks are really hot right now, or that they are super cool. Guess it depends if you are talking to a 13 year old gossipy teenage girl or a hipster during winter. But both mean the same thing. It’s what you should be playing in your car, at your party and in your bedroom. Being an ’80s baby has made this stylistic rerun more fun than any before.

(Ed’s note – Don’t lie, you’re too old to be an ’80s baby, aren’t you?)

The ’60s and ’70s style rehash was fun for dressing up like our parents, but the ’80s I saw with my own very young eyes and heard with my impressionable ears.

Moving House is the amalgamation of creatives Andre Gideon Montgomery Pienaar (Ashtray Electric) and Rob Davidson bringing in electronic vibes and years of banding experience to craft ten emotional sounding tracks recorded very Postal Servishly between Joburg and Cape Town; taking the bandwidth capabilities of Telkom, and most probably their sanity, to the limit.


Citing the creative enjoyment of working with someone new who pushes you to go to chords you would not normally naturally go towards, Andre and Rob have created a collection of songs which could be placed in any John Hughes movie starring the brat pack with absolute ease. When hearing “The Best Sex”, one can envision Molly Ringwald and a young Sheen (Charlie or brother Emelio) holding her after their dramatic reunion following another high school shenanigan involving that idiot brother from Two And A Half Men.

“Gospel” reminds me of that part of the movie Cocktail when they were having the time of their lives at that beach resort. Let it take you to your favourite ’80s movie montage moment, and yes if I could have replaced Tom C in that scene and have that as my Groundhog Day, I would. Lead single “Tongue in Cheek” will increase the quality of music on the airwaves instantly, the production of all the tracks is top class and the songs sound refreshingly different and are a step forward for everyone involved.

Moving House – Tongue In Cheek

“Down There” features the haunting guest vocals of Chiano Sky – it makes you hope someone is moving house with her, she does wounded well, I don’t want her to be sad.

My personal fave is big-sounding “Hot Town”, looking forward to seeing this one live around town. Go to iTunes and download it for R70, what else for R70 can give you as much happiness as an ’80s-inspired soundtrack for the end of summer? Maybe a good pizza,  go get a pizza and this album, uber happiness awaits.

Jay Clark

Jay Clark

Jay writes, resides in, and absorbs pop culture akin to it being a real job. A connoisseur of comics, good taste and The Goonies, JJ’s a musical zealot but don’t ask him to explain his penchant for obscure musical choices, because he will annoy you into getting it. He believes all movies should have a buddy cop dynamic to them, even sad dramatic ones.

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