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Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown: putting proper rock ‘n roll back in your speakers

January 29, 2013


Tyler Bryant understands rock and roll.

He understands that sometimes it needs to be loud, sometimes it needs to be urgent, sometimes it needs to be tentative and teasing, and sometimes it just needs to be fun. It needs to be cocksure, and it needs to entice its listeners. Because the rock and roll that lies somewhere between the heavy ’70s, the excessive ’80s and the grungy ’90s, is beautifully sexy, no matter how fast it’s being played.

Tyler Bryant understands all these things, and he’s just 21 years old.

Already, Bryant has run the gamut of rock and roll legends, playing at Clapton’s Crossroads Festival when he was just 15, opening for Jeff Beck’s 2011 tour and scoring Hollywood movies.

But skip to 2013 and Bryant and his band, The Shakedown, made up of Caleb Crosby (drums), Noah Denney (bass) and Graham Whitford (guitar, and yes, he is Aerosmith’s Tom Whitford’s son), have just released their debut full-length album, Wild Child.

Wild Child is 12 tracks of particularly sexy rock and roll. Like proper rock and roll. This is the good stuff. It’s everything I said the genre should be in the first paragraph of this piece. There’s the right amount of glamour (“Bang Bang Honey”), dirty blues influence (“Last One Leaving”, “House That Jack Built”) and nostalgic fun (“Still Young”).

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Last One Leaving

Wild Child is an album made by a band so deeply immersed in their genre that it reads like their very personalities. It plucks and hovers when it needs to, and turns the amp up to 11 and runs away with the incendiary guitar when the time is right. Its unabashed confidence took me by surprise the first time I played it, but now I couldn’t imagine the record put together any other way.

Quite a start for such a young guitar hero!

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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