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January 8, 2013

Oh no, the Australians are making good music again. This is seriously messing with my world view.

But, if they continue making it like Briscoe. makes music, we’ll allow it. Because Briscoe., a six piece, punctuated band from lovely Sydney, makes music that evokes a jam between the musical spirits of the late Beatles, early Blur and a couple of trundling troubadours.

The band’s new album, Friends Ago, was released in early November and is garnering praise from everyone who counts (aka triple-j), for good reason. It’s the sound of a band deserving of a centre stage spot.

“B.O.T.S.” is their new single. (It stands for Black Out The Stars.) It’s a teaser of a great pop song – promising a rollicking rocker, drawing back to a quiet and intimate verse before letting loose a chorus you’ll really get dancing to.


Briscoe – B.O.T.S.

But “Animal”, on the other hand, shows a much more pensive side of the band:

Briscoe.’s music is excellent because it strikes just the right balance of worming its way into your mind, but not pissing you off. It’s the sort of sound you need to have on every playlist, every day.

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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