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January 23, 2013


“Honest music for a generation of dreamers” is the first thing Ali Ingle’s Facebook page will tell you about him. And the next thing you hear might be “Think I felt love/I’ve sure felt pain” over some daydreamy acoustic guitar playing, from his recent single, “Tornado”. And with that, you’ll know the crux of Ingle’s music – it’s heartfelt, soft, and honest. And it’s made for all of us.

Ali Ingle – Tornado

It seems this proclamation from Ingle himself should accompany the music video above:

“I’m not trying to change the world or make a statement. My music is just the ramblings and inner thoughts of an attention-seeking kid who never quite grew up.”

Ingle is a new folk pop artist from Liverpool and is following up on the “kid who never grew up” theme with his latest EP, Of Monsters And Men. But, while the imagery and general ideals in his music might seem childlike in their admirable optimism, Ingle’s musicianship and lyrics are by no means immature.

Unlike many of the artists hailing from England, one of the great things about Ingle is that his songs don’t ooze the grey melancholy a lot of British music does. I know I’m making a gross over-generalisation, and sometimes that melancholy can be delightfully British, but Ingle’s tunes circumvent England’s innate Englishness.

The EP is a lesson in acoustic guitar accompaniment, and brings piano notes in in the right places on tracks like “Darkness Falls”. But it’s back to that first lyric I kept going when listening to it – “Think I felt love/I’ve sure felt pain” and the (literal) writing on the wall in the image above – whatever, and however Ingle is singing, he seems to be doing it to show us that there’s beauty in the everyday, beauty in the things we often don’t think of as beautiful, and that’s why his music is such a pleasure to hear!

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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