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Matthew Mole’s subtle indie lullabies

January 30, 2013


I want to hug Matthew Mole. Every time I see him play, he’s just so goddamn happy to be on stage making music that people want to to hear. And that makes us want to go and watch him again and again. Smart dude, really. (The first paragraph of his Facebook bio is one word — “Blessed”.)

Mole is the young Capetonian who won Converse’s 2012 competition to go and play in London’s infamous 100 Club. He wasn’t actually one of the ones I voted for back then, and I think that’s now a sweeter burn on me than it is on him – he won anyway and got to go and play the 100 Club and I hadn’t even got to hearing his tunes.

But now, after he released the Same Parts, Same Heart EP last year, I have. And it’s about freaking time!


The 4 track EP is something of a taster of what Mole will be up to in 2013 – in February, he goes into the studio to begin recording his debut full-length album.

If he can craft anything as intricate, and intimate as the four tracks he’s just released, he’ll make magic.

Of his musical passions, Mole says:

I’m not the best at speaking, but through music it’s natural. It takes up a lot of my time, it drives me, it makes me who I am…

I hope that this musical adventure, way of life if you will, I’m taking will help you to enjoy whatever adventure you are taking.

He’ll also tell you his music is Folk/Electronica, but don’t be fooled – the musicianship is so honest and relatable, that you’ll never notice the “electronic backbone” in some of the songs. Indeed, the EP’s title track rises and falls like a relaxed ocean swell on its acoustic backing. “Free & Untorn” picks up a more melancholy vibe than the sunshine that radiates from the other tracks, but has a Mumford & Sons-ish backbeat that’ll grab hipsters everywhere.

And his lyrics are charming too:

Matthew Mole – Have I Told You

Mole’s already done great work on the local live music scene, and e wait with baited breath to see if 2013 brings his songs to the radio waves in a big way – lord knows the most authentic, charming strummer on the scene today deserves it!

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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