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Man In A Crowd’s easy rock music about life and all that other confusing stuff

January 2, 2013

I’d been listening to Man In A Crowd’s debut album, Don’t Paint Your Days So Gray, for a couple of days, and slowly but surely warming up to the sounds of this fledgling New York band, and then I read this:

We love making music and playing shows. We’re not that fond of writing third-person biographies and comparing our sound to a synthesis of indistinguishable post-genres. We hope our songs will get your feet stomping, your knees knocking, and your heart pounding – because that’s what they do for us.

And now I love them. They just get why I like music. *makes homeboy gesture of patting heart and moving in for communal fist bump*

Don’t Paint Your Days So Graywill win you over from the start. Well, it’s the second track that’s the clincher actually – “Wine & Excuses”, while it could also double as the slogan for my entire adult life, is a personable and easy song about running through life and the things that get in the way of everything we constantly have on our to do lists.

And the following song, “Stuck” where the line that is now the album’s title comes from, is another similarly upbeat, “life’s a bit of a confusing game, but just keep on trucking” sort of ditty.

So Man In A Crowd is from New York and they’re not synth pop hipsters – is their brand of rock music the southern kind I’ve come to enjoy so much? I don’t actually think so. I think they harken back to rollicking Americana music on some tunes because their songs are simply so honest and open, and that’s what made Americana music unique in the first place. So the undertone of Southern rock is minimal, and more in the emotion than in the musicality of Don’t Paint Your Days So Gray.

Other top tracks on the album include “Like The World Is Ending”, “Take The Edge Off” and the elegant closer, “Tides”.

Listen here:

Man In A Crowd – Don’t Paint Your Days So Gray (full stream):

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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