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Green Thursdays: 10 DIY Recipe-In-A-Jar Gifts

January 31, 2013

Christmas might have come and gone yet again, but I think these ideas can be carried throughout the year.

Story from Just B Australia:

How good is a recipe in a jar? I think it’s really good.  It’s the kind of convenience food I’m into and these mixes are perfect for the baker, sweet tooth or wanna be baker in your life.  Gift jars are a super great way to make a whole lot of gifts at once, and these recipes are especially delicious and useful (totally NOT destined for the darkest corner of the pantry!)

Scroll down a wee bit for links to jars, ribbon and labels, in case you want to fancy up your jar. I think you should!

Ten ‘Recipe In A Jar’ Mixes

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bread Mix
Homemade Pancake Mix 
Hot Cocoa Mix (with Marshmallows!)
Chai Tea Mix 
Simple Cake Mix
Cute Cowgirl Cookies
Chocolate Brownie Mix 
Vanilla Sugar
Apple Crumble Mix
No-Knead Multigrain Bread Mix

And a Guide To Crafty Supplies:

Where to get the jars, I hear you ask!  You can use recycled jars, of course! Or you can visit your local op-shop and buy jars there. Major supermarkets have those nice jars with the gold lids in their kitchenware/bottling aisle.

These eBay sellers have nice jars too:
Ozfarmer Warehouse
Mushroom Grow, Supplies and Kits
OR you can try The Redback Trading Company for a huge range of fancy jars.

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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