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The Top 20 Posts of 2012

December 14, 2012

Sooo, this is awkward – our top 3 most viewed posts this year were not written by me. What are y’all trying to tell me?

I’m okay with it at the moment though, because this list of the 20 most-viewed posts of this year are an awesome mix of featured artists, free tunes, new albums and live experiences. I’d’ve liked to see a few more South African bands make it to the top, but now I guess we know what to work for next year!

20. Reflections on one year at Greenpeace:

As one of the billions of kids who grew up in well-meaning suburbia with dreams bigger than I knew what to do with, I’ve found so many beautiful like-minded people who know that now is the time to draw a line in the sand for the environment.

19. There are things a band should never do:

Don’t label songs “Demo”, “Rough Mix”, “Unmastered” or anything in that vein. Even if it is one of those, but you think it sounds good enough to share and you can’t wait, don’t tell people it’s a “demo”. Back in the days of actual 4 track tape recorders and tape hiss, a demo was something that wasn’t meant to be heard outside the band or for business reasons. Let’s keep it that way.

18. The Rescues turn things around on new indie album:

Where Let Loose The Horses, their last record, evoked folky feelings of wide-open American plains and intimate emotional moments as subtle as the acoustic guitar sound they were sung to, Blah Blah… is more experimental musicianship, moving away from an acoustic sound to strings, pianos and a similar electric sound to what we heard in Kyler England’s solo work.

17. Hello, My name is Anthony Fallacaro:

Having grown up in Niskayuna, New York, it’s interesting that the predominant influence in Fallacaro’s EP is a soulful one. On the other hand, I have no real clue what Niskayuna is like (I only just learnt to say it, after all) – perhaps it’s soul’s adopted birthplace.

16. Two Door Cinema Club and the 5 Gum Experience:

5Gum brought the indie rockers to SA in the ultimate social media experience and we all loved it!

15. Nice to see you, Green Day:

Let me make one thing clear – I was a moody adolescent in the ’90s, so I like Green Day. They are my band. But because we began our fun and games so long ago, we’ve also grown apart through the years. They’re like your primary or high school friends – since school, you’ve found snazzier, shinier new friends who you speak to more often, but when you do get back together with your old mates, the good times are just as good.

14. Rocking The Daisies 2012: the rockers, the surprises and the people who played dubstep:

Two main stages, both alike in shenanigans
In fair Darling, where we layed our tent,
From ancient Carstons break to new music,
Where absolutely everything makes everyone unclean.

From forth the ferocious sounds from these two monuments
Thousands of starry-eyed music lovers take their sips,
Where misadventured beer overflows
Doth with their high’s give their parents strife.

13. Now streaming: The Offspring – Days Go By:

All you have to do to know that the radio single is so very misleading is click play on the set below. It should take you all of 12 seconds to realise The Offspring is still The Offspring! The incendiary, tearing down the three-and-a-half minute pop punk road, ever-effervescent foursome is the same band every child of the ’90s knows and loves.

12. Ron Pope goes back to his roots on Atlanta:

There’s a song on every single Ron Pope record that just blows me away from the first beat of its lilting Americana awesomeness. And it’s usually never the one Pope chooses to lead with off the record. But that’s why I’ll always be in line early when he’s got a new album coming out.

11. Now streaming: The Wallflowers – Glad All Over:

On November 1, 2011, Jakob Dylan told Rolling Stone magazine that The Wallflowers have ended their hiatus, stating: “I always wanted to. I never suggested we were breaking up. We all felt we were losing the plot a little bit and we needed a break. And that year break becomes two years, then becomes three years, and before you know it five or six years go by pretty quickly. I can’t do what I do in the Wallflowers without them. I miss it. I’m happy to put the acoustic guitar down. That was something I wanted to do, but I never planned on hitting the road and just being the guy with a guitar out there. That never has been exciting to me. I came up loving bands and I want to be in one.”

10. Our South African music hub:

I think it’s pretty goddamn bitchin’ that, with almost 3000 posts on this blog, this hub page scored so high. Way to go, South Africa!

9. Now streaming: Ben Gibbard – Former Lives:

When I saw Death Cab frontman Ben Gibbard’s solo album being streamed, I almost passed over it because, well, it was raining, and I needed some sunshine in my day. And he divorced someone who looks like the nicest lady in the world. But oh ye (i.e. me) of little faith. Former Lives, Gibbard’s first solo album is a trundling 12 track record of loveliness and I think I might just be smitten.

8. Free Music Monday: Fire Through The Window, Jesse Thomas, Jika Nelanga:

Every year, there’s one Free Music post that makes it onto this list, and this year, I think it was the young indie belle, Jesse Thomas that pulled all the views. But for funsies, you can still download all these tunes.

7. Now streaming: Tenacious D – Rize Of The Fenix:

I will always have time and blog space for Tenacious D. Not so much because of the music they make, but more because Jack Black (I’ve had less exposure to Kyle Gass) just so admirably doesn’t give a fuck about the world and society and shit. He loves rock music and he loves life and he’s just himself and that’s so awesome.

6. LIVE: The Eagles, Childhood Memories and the Crap Soccer City Sound System:

I booked our Eagles tickets way back in January or December or some time I can no longer recall, and didn’t give it much thought because it was so far off. And then when I did give it any thought, it was just ‘Oh my god, I have to navigate the clusterfuck that is the traffic outside Soccer City.’ But, I’m slowly learning, there are some musical moments that just catch your throat, take your words away and just fucking floor you. Watching Timothy B. Schmidt, Glenn Frey, Don Henley and Joe Walsh come out on stage together was definitely one of those moments. Watching that next to my dad, one of the people to whom I owe a lot of my classic rock education was pretty freakin’ cool too.

5. Ed Sheeran becomes England’s own ginger Jason Mraz on new record:

Now that there’s a whole new generation of singers who are younger than me, it’s kinda hard to form an opinion about the music they make. I mean Sheeran is 20 years old, for chrissake. Which is astounding, now that I think about it, because + (the record) is the work of an artist who knows himself and where he wants to go in a crazy freakin’ industry, and isn’t afraid to tell people about it.

4. St Lucia: Brooklyn hipster beats that SA should be proud of:

* This post is actually from last year, but it did so well I thought it deserved to have a place still, despite its publication date.

St Lucia is actually one Brooklyn (NYC)-based producer. He’s obviously enjoyed the hipster gentrification of life in the new Manhattan, because he stands steadfastly behind his ethereal electronic beats. They’re all-embracing and not sullied with personal things like real names. Pfft, who needs those?

He also stands steadfastly in our own background – St Lucia’s a New Yorker by way of South Africa. Yeah, you’re all the more impressed with the indie creator now, aren’t you?

3. LIVE: Linkin Park in Cape Town:

One such epic live gem was “Victimized”, showing that Chester can still scream hard enough to give me throat polyps. The best part of the performance was the look on the band members faces, they wanted to be there and were having a good time interacting with the crowd and giving me my money’s worth, which can’t be said of all the bands that we clamber to see.

2. Our free and legal MP3 hub:

I don’t blame anyone for this being so high on the list. Weekly free and legal music is pretty freakin’ awesome! Have at it…

1. Four German Bands You Should Know:

Rock and roll was invented in the United States in the late 1940s. In the 1960s, we had the British invasion which brought a slightly different kind of rock to the country through the music of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and many more bands. Over the years, rock has gone through evolution after evolution, but the foundation of guitars and rollicking beats hasn’t changed much. But while American and British bands have mostly dominated the rock and roll space, Germany has actually produced talented and popular bands for several decades now.

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