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The Young Things: from fan-financed to gutsy rock

November 16, 2012

Occasionally I think, “Dear band I’ve just found, please help a sister out and have a comprehensive and interesting bio for me to write a lot about.” New York’s The Young Things do not oblige. Their bio says this:

We are a NYC band. Garage-Indie-Rock-Pop yeah? Awesome Bio. Great Job.

Yeah, definitely a great job. Now I’ll have to put some thought into this article. Awesome.

Thankfully, Hello Love // Goodbye Sexual, the as-yet-unreleased debut album from the New York rockers is a bouncy ride of exuberant and artistic rock that harkens back to strong Britpop influences, without losing the unabashed feeling of rocking out in an underground music hall in the East Village.

If you are one of the last few wondering if crowdfunding is a good addition to the music industry, let this band be a lesson to you – in their musical time of need, they turned to their fans and, with just 33 backers, they raised the final amount they needed to create a truly impressive debut record.

Hello Love // Goodbye Sexual (I don’t know if it’s supposed to have any connotations, but that title’s also a simple combination of two of the songs on the album) is eleven tracks of marvelous rock music.

I mentioned the Britpop influence above, but there’s a large dose of swaggering bravado in songs like “Easy To Lie” and “Goodbye Sexual” that sounds more like that New York attitude I love so much.

But during a lot of the album, flashes of The Manic Street Preachers kept coming back to me. The vocals aren’t terribly similar, but on tracks like “All Human Life”, “Lucy” and “Hello Love”, the rollicking backbeats kept giving me flashes of deja vu. They’re Garage Britpop tunes that would do delightfully well on radio.

The Young Things – All Human Life

If members of The Manic Street Preachers and Oasis had cut their teeth playing in places like CBGBs and Webster Hall, I imagine they’d sound like The Young Things do today.

Hello Love // Goodbye Sexual‘s release date is still TBC, but in the meantime, you can go and get The Young Things’ last EP from their website for free.

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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