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November 20, 2012

In many post-colonial situations, it’s hard to know where British culture ends and Indian culture starts. The young group of gents above, Shout Timber, have capitalised on this melange of societies and produced a really quite enchanting new single called “East India Trading Company”.

The single, the first of Shout Timber’s 2012 releases, is melodic, soft, beat-driven, and a little crashing, all at the same time – much like I imagine a moment walking the streets of India itself is. (I’ve only been as close as Nepal, but the definitely fits the sound.)

The key to what makes this song so welcoming is the subtle vocals – the strong English music influence in the colourful song set up – after all, if you captured the indian atmosphere too completely, it would end up too overwhelming for repetitive listening.

The video for the song is made up of footage that the band shot when actually travelling through India, and features some beautiful shots.

Drawing as much influence from their love of vintage American literature and cinema as they do the melodies and honest lyricism of The Smiths, harmonies of The Beatles and the afro-rhythms of Vampire Weekend…

….this is Shout Timber, and I like where the young band is heading.

Listen and take a journey with them:

Shout Timber – East India Trading Company

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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