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My Favourite Things: November

November 21, 2012
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- This picture:

(It’s a Venezuelean Poodle Moth, btw. Mind blown, right?)

- Silent World images. You can feel the volume go out of the room as you scroll through them.

- The thought that Everything’s Gonna Be Better Next Year. Thanks, Rescues.

- Making your own non-toxic household cleaners.

- Greenpeace Africa. (I’ve used that one before, but I’m allowed to double-favourite, mmmkay.)

- The new Wallflowers album.

- Making moss graffiti.

- 25 phrases you wish you could say at work more often.

Happy almost holiday season!

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

Four years ago, Monica needed a new hobby, so she started this blog. Right now, she can't believe people are still reading it. If you are, she loves you for it.

She believes John Lennon's Imagine is a blueprint for a perfect world and that a house should never not have wine in it. She is currently failing at going vegan.

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