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Black Bird White Sky: edgy, electro rock

November 23, 2012

As you know, I’m not a champion of almost anything electro. But I’m a lifelong champion of music with a bit of an edge. Not loud or crazy stuff, just the type of rock that’s got a dark undercurrent, laced with emotions that are trying to find a way out.

And that’s why I like Black Bird White Sky.

…an electronica-rock band that combines driving dance beats and soaring vocal melodies with the dark, complex backdrop of catchy synth hooks and guitar riffs.

The trio is based in Brooklyn, NYC at the moment, and have just released their second EP, The Fall. But they weren’t always the BBWS you’ll hear today – the band started out as a run-of-the-mill 5 piece rock act, but after collaborating with a producer and remixing songs from their first EP, frontman Ronnie Shingelo decided to tighten up the sound, throw in more beats and take the group down to trio-ville.

On The Fall, you’ll hear cresting vocals that climb and drop as swiftly as the synth beats underneath them (“Beneath It All”), beats that are the electro-rock equivalent of swaggering funk (“Hardly Ever”), and snappy choruses (“Talk Talk Talk”).

Black Bird White Sky – The Fall Promo

There’s just one problem – the EP’s only 4 tracks long.

Give us more, next time, please, Black Bird White Sky!

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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