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Getting back to modern rock with Bonaventure

October 23, 2012

Somewhere along the line, I tageed ’emo as a bad word when it was used in reference to music. But, listening to Bonaventure, I can’t remember why, because emotional rock, as performed by this Nashville duo, is a thing of beauty.

Andrew (on vocals) and Dan (on guitar) both come to Bonaventure from previous bands and a long history in music but neither is actually a native of Music City. This is then the first time I’ve really seen Nashville earn it’s nickname, because after the two came together in Tennessee, the put together the exquisite, if all-too-short EP, Come Hell Or High Water.

Bonaventure sounds something like a 30 Seconds To Mars that isn’t calling everyone to arms all the time. Or a Gaslight Anthem without the gruff, Jersey memories. They’re heavy on the melody and wills oar away with you.

Listen to the lead single off Come Hell Or High Water:

Bonaventure – I Dare You

However, I particularly like “Gaining Speed“, which you can download for free here.

The challenge I issue to Bonaventure is to keep the melody and emotion that they’ve nailed spot on on Come Hell Or High Water, but to back it up with more rock. A lot of guitars are never a bad thing! The substance is there, just let it run wild!

And to make a longer record next time, but I’ll watch patiently for that.

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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