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September 12, 2012

If you like Regina Spektor, you need to become a fan of the ethereally voiced Kate Borthwick.

Done it?

Okay, let’s discuss.

Borthwick comes to music-making from a rich history in the South African arts industry – both parents are accomplished stage and screen actors, and Borthwick received her honours in Music at Tuks before she ventured out into the local music scene.

But, a few more years down the line, we’re glad she has, because she’s just released her self-titled debut album. It’s 9 tracks of lushly instrumentalised piano pop music. At times bouncy (“Danny”) and at times introspective and sentimental (“12”), it’s a style I haven’t heard come out of South Africa in a fair while.

While I mentioned Regina Spektor at the begining of this, because that’s whose music I immediately thought of when I first watched Borthwick at this year’s Dullstroom Winter Festival, and they’re both ladies who play piano – Duh! – it’s interesting to hear how she genre hops on the album a lot more than I’ve ever heard Spektor do. There’s a strong jazz undercurrent running throughout the album that mixes with the pop style to take it out of the barroom and into your head.

You can hear two of the tracks off the album on Soundcloud and watch the video for the first single here:

Kate Borthwick – Danny

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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    Lekker Kate!