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The British IBM – Animal

July 20, 2012


I like crazy band names. But I also like band names that I can figure out. And I can’t really figure out The British IBM’s name. I’m going with the fact that IBM has also been known to stand for ‘International Brotherhood of Magicians’, because if I had a band, I would sure as hell call it The International Brotherhood of Musicians.

But nonetheless, meet The British IBM.

They’re a new British (duh!) trio, made up of Paul, David and Aidy (who we featured back in 2010 with his epic song-a-week-for-a-year project) and they’ve just released their debut single, “Animal”.

There’s a delightfully laid-back British sound in this first tune, which is juxtaposed with the somewhat antisocial lyrics – you’ll totally identify with the line “all I need is… a little place to call my own, where I don’t have to hear you moan.” Yes, been there!

The casual ’60s-style beat goes well with the excellently-done, vintage video that the band produced for the single. Take a trip down memory lane and watch this:

The British IBM – Animal

The British IBM are currently completeing their debut album and will be heading out on a UK tour to promote it. Get more news about the band at

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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