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Stars Align on Jon Sandler’s new record

June 22, 2012

About a year ago, Jon Sandler’s Fancy Band EP was one of theloveliest new album’s to come across my path. I loved the willingness of the New York singer-songwriter to experiment with the folky genre he seemed so at home in.

Cut to 2012 and Sandler’s new full-length album, Late Night Champ has finally been released (as of June 12th) and I am amped to hear it.

But I balk.

There’s an electro blanket lying over many of the tracks on the record. We’re a guitar blog – no one’s too sure what to do around an electro beat, after all.

But, wouldn’t ya know it – Sandler’s unstoppable musical experimentation and his subtly emotive vocals knock Late Night Champ right out of the park!

Listen here, for a start:

Jon Sandler – Stars Align:

(If you like this version, download it for free here.)

Because you see, Sandler is so great at making music that it turns out that whether he’s picking strings on an acoustic guitar or accompanying a synth beat like he does on the album’s title track, it still turns out great.

Jon Sandler – Late Night Champ

Which is, luckily, not to say that life’s been put on autotune for Sandler. Tracks like “Save, Apologize, Go”, “Million Different Windows” and “Diamond Miner” are more delicate numbers of the troubadour style we know and love Sandler for.

I balk no more.

Sandler has taken his time to craft an album that feels like every note was on purpose and every beat is where he means it to be – all killer, no filler. 😛

In spite of, or maybe even occasionally because of it, I’m oh-so-glad Sandler is back at the top of my playlist. Buy Late Night Champ on iTunes.

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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