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March 9, 2012

I will always have a place in my heart for Ed Sheeran because at this year’s Brit Awards, when people wore idiotic sparkles and heels of all sorts, he got up and performed in… a t-shirt and jeans. Hells yeah!

And then he silenced any and everyone with this tune:

This meek-looking strummer is a powerhouse of acoustic folk music in the UK at the moment, having recently garnered the accolade of his full-length debut album ‘+’ being the biggest selling male’s debut in the UK in the last ten years! Yeah, not bad for someone who’s not even of legal drinking age in the States.

Born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England in 1991, Sheeran released his first EP, The Orange Room, while still at school. He is only the third artist to score a Top 75 album purely on download sales.

Sheeran can be seen live playing at V Festival 2012.

Sheeran’s lilting lullaby songs will soundtrack your life any day, time or place. His effortless comfort with his guitar and the sounds he creates envelopes listeners from the first chords and I’m just sad this wunder-kind isn’t a local artist for me to boast about.

Well played, England.

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

Four years ago, Monica needed a new hobby, so she started this blog. Right now, she can't believe people are still reading it. If you are, she loves you for it.

She believes John Lennon's Imagine is a blueprint for a perfect world and that a house should never not have wine in it. She is currently failing at going vegan.

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