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Cathy Heller: Imagination Unlimited On New EP

March 7, 2012

It wasn’t just because I turned Cathy Heller’s new EP, Imagine Nation on on a Friday afternoon after one of those weeks that are not bad but just seem so long that you’re seeing skew by the end of it, that I appreciated it so much. It was because, as you can tell by the cover art above and title alone, it’s one of those delicately crafted and insanely sonically pretty indie EPs that’s the closest thing to a musical smile we have in this world.

To get an idea of the music Cathy Heller makes, stream her previous EP, You’re Home To Me here:

But now on to Imagine Nation:

The 5 track EP comes out of left field – you won’t really know what to expect from it, but it takes five idiosyncratic steps up to your heart and hugs it tightly. It’s music you’d expect to find in some indie gem of a film like Juno.

Top tunes are the bouncy “Love & Be Loved” and the dreamy piano tune, “Imagine Nation”. (If you don’t get that word play, get off my site right now…).

Heller’s voice is matched well to the dainty notes of her music – it’s never invasive, but just forthright enough to make you repeat the jewel of an EP time and again.

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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