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October 4, 2011

Those awesome, and slightly scarily named hard rockers from Joburg, Newtown Knife Gang are about to release their debut album, so we thought it was time for another foray their way.

Before I heard them, I presumed Newtown Knife Gang would be some deliciously local kwaito or rap that I wouldn’t be interested in. Instead, they’re a deliciously local loud rock force to be reckoned with.

Born out of the ashes of heavy rock stalwarts, 16 Stitch and We Shall Embrace, NKG was founded in 2010, bringing the members’ past experiences in the music industry together with a “youthful, energetic and powerful edge.”

Since their start, they have become a familiar face around Joburg as they wrote and rocked their way to here, ahead of their new album release.

Drawing on influences ranging from Billy Talent, The Used and 30 Seconds To Mars, Newtown KNIFE Gang comes to you strong and in-your-face. With a gigantic buzz already circulating the band, there is no doubt Newtown KNIFE Gang will dominate the rock scene in 2011.

We’ll bring you more info about NKG’s new album as soon as it’s released.

Watch the video for NKG’s debut single, “Listen” below. Head over to their Facebook page to hear two more songs:

For more info, log on to

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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