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October 18, 2011

It’s snice to mellow out from time to time. And when I think of mellow artists, I think of Cape Tonians and Brits. We can’t all be Farryl Purkiss, so this time we’ll turn to York’s Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

I can’t find who told the young singer-songwriter to keep a stage name that is both long and slightly confusing (I’ve mistyped it every time I’ve written it so far), but it seems to have worked, because I don’t think I’ll ever forget him now.

I mention Farryl Purkiss up there because Leftwich’s tunes, like “Box Of Stones” that you can listen to below, are done with the same care and artistic crafting of the soft acoustic beats. His 2010 A Million Miles Out EP, in particular, has soothed me through more than a few rough work afternoons recently.


In the manner of all people cool, Leftwich is giving his fans some free stuff. He’s put together a 5 track cover EP, featuring his versions of, among others, one of my favourite Springsteen tracks – “Atlantic City”. Get it for the cost of your e-mail address below:

Leftwich has crossed the pond into the likes of Grey’s Anatomy soundtracks and international releases. Buy Benjamin Francis Leftwich music on iTunes.

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Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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