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Blue skies all over with Jessica Lea Mayfield

March 1, 2011

Ah, the southern belles just keep on crooning. And as long as they croon as well as Jessica Lea Mayfield, we'll keep on listening.

Mayfield has only just become a legal adult in America, but has been writing and playin music since her childhood in Ohio.

On her latest single, "Blue Skies Again", released last week, she follows the likes of Sahara Smith with sweetly-sung, southern-tinged melodies. Mayfield, however, has mixed that influence with a mellow guitar sound that brings new waves of harmony to her music.

She's been touted as a rising star by everyone who has a musical opinion and we concur, and can't wait to hear more from her.

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

Four years ago, Monica needed a new hobby, so she started this blog. Right now, she can't believe people are still reading it. If you are, she loves you for it.

She believes John Lennon's Imagine is a blueprint for a perfect world and that a house should never not have wine in it. She is currently failing at going vegan.

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