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November 9, 2010

Y’know, artists who defy genre classification really make this job kind of hard. Well, no. This job’s the easiest job in the world, but people like Jon Sandler, who manage to segue into a different genre with every new song on a record really do make me have to search for the right words.

Over the past four years, Jon Sandler and The Fancy Band (made up of Sam Merrick, Dominic Fallacaro, Chris Kelly, Jens Kramer) have been making their mark on New York City, producing melodic tunes that are so easy to listen to, they’re addictive.

This year they released The Fancy Band EP. It’s a six-track gem that features everything from earnest, vulnerable ballads (“Nowhere Bound”) to country-tinged tunes (“Alabama”), to reggae strains (“Broken Rubberband”).

Take a listen to a live performance of “Lost Time” which is also on the EP:

Sandler is currently busy writing original music for film and television projects, including a feature documentary and a theme song for a new television pilot. There is also a full-length album and a Fall tour on the horizon. To be kept up to date on tour and music news, join Jon online at, or on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Youtube.

Buy The Fancy Band EP on iTunes .

Monica Davies

Monica Davies

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